Kurukshetra University (KUK) B.Ed., M.Ed. Date sheet July 2013 - Academic Exams Time Table www.kuk.ac.in

Kurukshetra University (KUK) Date sheet July 2013 for  B.Ed.,  M.Ed. Academic Exams KUK Haryana Time Table 2013-www.kuk.ac.in

Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra as termed as KUK, Haryana has announced the Date sheet or time table for Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed)  and Master of Education(M.Ed.)  (through Distance Education, regular, annual system, private) for New and old syllabus candidates which are commencing w.e.f. 02nd July, 2013. The KUK is going to conduct this Examination according to the following time table:
    Haryana -KUK B.Ed. M.Ed. Date sheet 2013 Download Time Table -www.kuk.ac.in
  • Date-sheet for the M.Ed. (Annual System) examinations:
  • Date-sheet for the B.Ed. (New Syllabus) examinations:
  • Date-sheet for the B.Ed. (Old Syllabus , Re-appear)
  • Date-sheet for the B.Ed. (2 Year Course) Ist and 2nd Year (Through Distance Education) examinations.

Date-sheet for the M.Ed. (General) (Annual System) examinations (Theory Examination):

Time of Examination : 2.30 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. (EVENING SESSION)

01 /07/2013
Paper-I: Philosophical and Sociological bases of Education
Paper-II: Advance Educational Psychology
Paper-III: Research Methodology and Statistics in Education 
Paper-IV: Comparative Education and Curriculum Development                              
Paper-V Opt.(i) Special Education

                     (ii)Educational Measurement and Evaluation

                    (iii)Teacher Education 

                    (iv) Computer Education

                    (v) Adult and Continuing Education

                    (vi) Environmental Education

                   (vii) Value Education and Human Rights

                  (viii) Distance Education
Paper-VI: Opt.(i) Management and Administration of Education

                   (ii) Educational Technology

                  (iii) Educational and Vocational Guidance

                  (iv) Mental Hygiene & Education

                  (v) Economics of Education & Educational Planning

                 (vi) Advanced Statistical Methods in Education

                  (vii) Yoga Education

Date-sheet for the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (New Syllabus) examinations: (Theory Branch):

Time of Examination : 2.30 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. (EVENING SESSION)
Paper-I:  Philosophical, Sociological and Economic Bases of Education  
Paper-II: Learner, Learning and Cognition                                               
Paper-III (A) Vision of Secondary Education in India in the Context of 21st Century

Paper-III (B): Opt. (i) Yoga Education

                      Opt. (ii) Educational Vocational Guidance and Counselling

                      Opt. (iii) Health and Physical Education

                      Opt. (iv) Environmental Education

                      Opt. (v) Distance and Open Learning

                      Opt. (vi) Educational Measurement and Evaluation

                      Opt. (vii) Gender Sensitization and School

                      Opt. (viii) Human Rights Education                                                          
Paper-IV  (A): Curriculum and School Management

                 (B): Inclusive Education
Paper-V (A): Information Communication & Educational Technology

                (B): Action Research
Paper-VI&VII Group-A Opt.(i) Teaching of Hindi

                     Group-A Opt. (ii) Teaching of English             

                     Group-A Opt. (iii) Teaching of Punjabi

                     Group-A Opt. (v) Teaching of Physical Science
Paper-VI&VII :

                Group-B Opt. (i) Teaching of Social Science 

                Group-B Opt. (ii) Teaching of Science and Technology

                Group-B Opt. (iii) Teaching of Commerce

                Group-B Opt. (iv) Teaching of Computer Science 

                Group-B Opt. (v) Teaching of Home Science

                Group-B Opt. (vi) Teaching of Geography

                Group-B Opt. (vii) Teaching of Economics

                Group-B Opt. (viii) Teaching of History

                Group-B Opt. (ix) Teaching of Civics                  
Paper-VI&VII  :

              Group-C: Opt.(i) Teaching of Mathematics

              Group-C: Opt.(iii) Teaching of Art

              Group-C: Opt.(iv) Teaching of Music

              Group-C: Opt.(v) Teaching of Life Sciences                                  
Paper-VI&VII :  Group-A (iv) Teaching of Sanskrit

Paper-VI&VII :Group-C: Opt.(ii) Teaching of Sanskrit

Date-sheet for the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Old Syllabus) (Re-appear) : Theory Branch

Time of Examination : 2.30 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. (EVENING SESSION)
Paper-I:  Education in Emerging Indian Society                                            
Paper-II: Psychology of Teaching and Learning
Paper-III (A) Secondary Education and School Management

Paper-III (B):   Opt.(i) Education of Exceptional Children

                       Opt.(ii) Yoga Education

                       Opt.(iii) Population Education

                       Opt.(iv) Educational and Vocational Guidance

                       Opt.(v) Mental Hygiene

                       Opt.(vi) Adult and Continuing Education

                       Opt.(vii)Health and Physical Education

                       Opt.(viii)  Science & Technology Education

                       Opt.(ix) Environmental Education

                       Opt.(x) Computer Education

                       Opt.(xi) Educational Measurement & Evaluation                                                                                   
Paper-IV: Educational Technology
Paper-V: Opt. (i) Teaching of Hindi

                Opt. (ii) Teaching of English 

                Opt. (iii) Teaching of Punjabi

                Opt. (iv) Teaching of Commerce

                Opt. (v) Teaching of Physical Science

                Opt. (vi)Teaching of Home Sciences  

                Opt.(vii) Teaching of Computer Science
Paper-VI: Opt.(i) Teaching of Social Studies

                 Opt.(ii) Teaching of History

                 Opt.(iii) Teaching of Civics               

                 Opt.(iv) Teaching of Economics

                 Opt. (v) Teaching of Mathematics

                 Opt.(vi) Teaching of Life Sciences

                 Opt.(vii) Teaching of Geography

                 Opt.(viii) Teaching of Art

                 Opt.(ix) Teaching of Music  
Paper-V: Opt. (viii) Teaching of Sanskrit     

For More date sheet as follows:
  • Date-sheet for the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)  (2 Year Course) Ist and 2nd Year (Through Distance Education) examinations.  

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